Monday, 22 September 2014

Round 2

After what feels like the longest summer ever, I'm finally back in Oxford after traveling with too much baggage..again. Every year I tell myself that this time I won't bring too much. And every time I fail, resulting in pain, sweat and almost tears. Not a happy camper trying to make my way from the airport express train. A total of 50 kg baggage just is too much. Crossing my fingers that when I'm leaving for Christmas I'll finally learn how to properly back a bag.

I'm living with my boyfriend in the same flat as last year, with the same loud neighbours. I was praying for them to move out during the summer, but my prayers was absolutely not heard. I was also praying for the bathroom to be finished before I got back as it has been refurnished during the summer. But those prayers obviously got lost on the way too. So now I have tools spread all over the living room, dust all over the place, and a bathroom with a toilet that has not yet been secured. I'm hoping the toilet won't suddenly fall so I end up with a flat full of sewage. That would have been even more disgusting than the fact that bathroom tiles have been cut in the kitchen...IN THE KITCHEN... I even have dust from tile cutting inside every cupboard and the oven. It's crazy.

 I ended my Summer in the mountains on a hunting trip. The hunting was result less and the only thing we saw was some feathers, but it was fun anyway.

If you have followed this blog a while you probably know that I live next to Cowley Road, a road full of restaurants, shops and what nots. So as I sit her on the sofa looking at tools I don't even know the name of, I thought I could share my Cowley favorites. You can find food from every corner of the world on this very road, but some of them are better than others. 

South Park 
Well, this isn't exactly a part of Cowley Road, but it is a park nearby, and it also is one of my favorite parks. It's 5 mins from my flat, and I walk through it along with many others on my way to Brookes. It is a perfect place for a picnic, a walk or even a run. On the weekends the park is frequently used by runners, people attending bootcamp and those trying to recover from yesterday. It's like a miniature version of Central Park in New York. It's also the location of circuses, firework shows and concerts. And the view on a sunny day is unbelievable. You understand why Oxford is called the city of dreaming spires when you're looking towards the city centre from South Park. 

Atomic Pizza
247 Cowley Road 
My second day in Oxford my boyfriend and I went to Atomic Pizza to eat and we kind of ended up there by coincidence. Both the inside and outside is filled with well known comic figures, and they're also showing good old music videos inside. The food is really good, especially the burger with chili con carne, and the prices are reasonable. 

Kadai & Naan 
209 Cowley Road
A little further down Cowley Road is Kadai & Naan, the best Indian restaurant in Oxford in my opinion. What's also great about it is the student discount. Need I say more? 

City Arms
288 Cowley Road 
City Arms is a short walk from both restaurants mentioned above, and is a huge pub. They have multiple TV's for the sports interested, pool, and seating areas both inside and outside. It's definitely a place where you can watch football with the guys or order a huge fishbowl of drinks for a silly low price. 

George & Delila 
104 Cowley Road 
If you've never been to Oxford before you'll soon see a couple of George & Delila cafés, and one of them is located on Cowley Road. It's often used by people to read or work during daytime and in the evening they frequently serve as a live music concert venue. It's intimate but spacey, and a popular café for students.

I hope you've managed to settle in and that you're ready for your first semester at Brookes. I'm more ready than ever, even though I've realized that the two upcoming semesters are going to be hard with a lot of work. But I sure am ready for round 2!