Thursday, 28 May 2015

The end, yet again

Another semester is coming to an end. All my assignments are completed, the deadlines have passed, and I've swapped my healthy diet in favour of a not at all one. But it's exam season and totally justifiable.

Last semester there were times where I honestly didn't know how to get through it all. The workload was out of this world, with assignments all over the place.

This semester has definitely been a calmer one but the requirements have once more leveled up. I've handed in my dissertation proposal and in less than a year I will have handed in my longest, biggest, most extensive work yet. At this point I'm calm about it and I have promised myself to read during the summer. Maybe it will actually happen too.

I only have two exams left ever at Brookes, so I'm now doing my second to last exam revision. But before I return to the revision, I just wanted to tell you about a service Brookes offers. A pretty good service too, objectively speaking.

                                                                                Photo: ISAT

The International Student Advise Team (ISAT) is hosting a Meet and Greet Service during arrivals weekend in September.

If you are arriving at Heathrow on either terminal, on 13th or 14th September between 9am and 8pm on the 13th or between 9am and 5pm on the 14th, look for Brookes students wearing green t-shirts. They are called international student helpers and will be present at Heathrow, at Thornhill Park & Ride and at halls of residence.

At Heathrow you will be guided towards public transport taking you to Thornhill Park & Ride, where you will be directed towards a free shuttle bus taking you to your halls of residence. During arrivals weekend you will probably see green-dressed people around campus, whom you can ask if you need any help. You can read more about it here

Don't worry if you're arriving outside of arrivals weekend. There is lots of information on the Brookes website about how to get from the airport to Brookes.

Enjoy your summer, and I hope I'll see you in September :)